About AFG & its CEO

Fire & death. It is a somber subject. Most don't like talking about it. Many ignore it. This is me the minute I decided to speak out.

Death resulted from this fire leaving 4 orphans behind. Why? I remember running room to room, clearing them of occupants and even rescuing a scared chihuahua hiding under a bed in a pile of clothes. Everyone was out. I thought my job was a success. But after meeting her children outside, a mom of 4 went back into the fire to attack the flames with a red fire extinguisher, but she never came out.

For weeks I tried to resolve what I or she could have done to save her. I recalled seeing the charred hallways with a mint condition bright red fire extinguisher mounted behind glass every 75' feet and thinking those F'ing fire extinguishers are mocking me. They survived and did nothing, meanwhile my team is exhausted, covered in soot and risking our lives.

I went home and talked to my family about my feelings. My 13-year-old son asked, "Why don't the fire extinguishers automatically deploy?" My 11-year-old daughter asked, "Why are they so ugly?" My wife laughed and asked, "Why are they so hard to find?"
Together, we patented the automatic & decorative Fireball®, which comes with mounting gear and a glow-in-the-dark sign. We additionally made it non-toxic, child & pet proof, water proof, long lasting, activated by fire only, temperature & all weather tolerant, maintenance free.