Auto Fire Guard®

Your Firefighter on Standby

See the Fireball® in Action!

What Are People Saying About Auto Fire Guard®?

Popular with Firefighters

Auto Fire Guard® was developed by a firefighter for consumer use, but was made with the rigorous demands other firefighters expect to see in a fire abatement device.

Use Them When Firefighters Have Not Yet Arrived

More convenient and safer than a fire extinguisher, Auto Fire Guard® allows practically anyone to apply a "quick fix" to small to medium sized fires until the fire department arrives.

When You Need to Put the Fire Out NOW

AFG® can be use by anyone who can lift 3 lbs. Just throw it into the fire and it will self-activate.

More about Auto Fire Guard®

Auto Fire Guard Fireball compared with AFO Fireball

AFG® Compared with a Competitor

There are many substitutes, but Auto Fire Guard® is the only real thing.

Underwriters Laboratory 299 and 711 are the testing protocols that certify the components of dry fire extinguishers. This certification allows purchasers to rest assured that the materials used in Auto Fire Guard® are of only the highest quality.

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