Auto Fire Guard has two important uses:

The first is as a supplement to fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers work wonderfully in an emergency…if you know how to use them, and are level headed enough to use them. Problem is that most people are neither one of those things in a fire emergency. AFG is light–only about 3 lbs (4.25 lbs shipping weight)–and just about any one can use one, even the elderly, handicapped and children.

Just throw it at or roll it into the fire, then turn around and run. Within moments of being touched by flame, Auto Fire Guard self-activates and disperses its contents over an area of about 905 cubic feet.

The other important way of using Auto Fire Guard is as an inexpensive fire sprinkler system.

Most people can’t afford a custom fire sprinkler system, but still worry about fire breaking out while they are not home. Strategically placed, AFG can provide 105% fire coverage. How can it offer 105% coverage?  Traditional sprinkler systems can not put out ceiling fires. They spray down only. AFG sprays up too. of the coverage a custom fire sprinkler can offer.


Just mount it on the wall with the brackets and screws (included), and let it do its job.

Auto Fire Guard has numerous advantages.

  • No need to be present to put out fire. Just make sure AFG is near places where fire might break out, and let it do its thing.
  • Buys time until fire department arrives. Getting a fire stopped or at least reduced in intensity the first 5 minutes of outbreak is  essential. In another five minutes the fire can spread up to 5 times than in the first five minutes, and five times that in another 5 minutes.
  • Auto Fire Guard does little damage to no damage to your home. Automatic systems can ruin carpets, walls and furniture. AFG does its work with minimal damage. You usually won’t need more than a vacuum cleaner or mop and water.
  • It’s a great fire extinguisher for electrical systems. (It is not ideal for sensitive electrical equipment like what would be found on the international space station or in some advanced air planes.

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