About AFG

About AFG and its CEO

The appearance of the CEO or other firefighters in uniform does not imply or constitute endorsement by the department.

The idea behind Auto Fire Guard® (AFG) is not exactly new. About 100 years ago, the devices were called "fire grenades." Thomas Edison invented the first fire grenade after his laboratory was destroyed by fire. Unfortunately, his version of the fire grenade contained toxic chemicals, and he was eventually forced out of that business by regulations.

But the idea lingered on. Since Edison's time, firefighting has become much more sophisticated, and Grant--a firefighter himself and developer of Auto Fire Guard® --felt a calling to create a safe version of the fire grenade that uses up-to-date knowledge about fires, particularly the chemistry of fires.

After performing lots of tests, Grant was able to come up with an optimal combination of chemicals, which is both perfectly safe for humans and devastating to spreading fires, and he submitted the device patent for approval by the United States. Each regulatory agency again thoroughly tested the product, and approved the device as a necessary life saving device, which poses no serious risk of harm to humans or the environment. In some cases, the regulators found it so effective they recommended the product for emergency processing, so the product could become widely available for purchase. Since that time, he has received approval to sell AFG in the United States.

Once approved in the US, he submitted the product for CE approval in Europe, which also granted his application under emergency processing guidelines.

For Grant's wife, however, there were serious "flaws". The device looked industrial, and not home decor friendly. So, with a few modifications, several models were artfully crafted to fit any home decor. And of course, the regulators swiftly approved the new looks.

Unfortunately, while discussing the product with manufacturers of other fire extinguisher products, Grant learned of unsavory industry practices used to lower the cost of production and gain market share, including replacing the fire suppressant with sand and poor quality chemical instead of optimal firefighting chemicals.

As a certified American Fire Fighter, Grant pledged to never participate in any activity which would compromise the integrity of Auto Fire Guard®'s premium quality components. Grant pledged to keep the fire fighting chemicals 90% or more pure, so that quality is never questioned. A portion of the proceeds from each sale, will also be used to help prosecute those that prey on consumers.