Best Places to Keep a Fire Extinguisher

By Anon | September 29, 2017

Best Places to Keep a Fire Extinguisher The US National Council advises the American public of the necessity of having installed fire prevention measures like fire detectors and extinguishers. With regard to fire extinguishers, it suggests at least one fire extinguisher per floor in your house.Of course, having more would…

How many fire extinguishers do I need in my building (residence or commercial)?

By Anon | September 29, 2017

There is no simple answer to this question as it will depend on they type of business and the types of fires that might break out. For instance, a paper processing plant will have different needs than say a car plant. In addition, many businesses have different types of spaces.…

Fire Safety Facts

By Anon | September 28, 2017

It can take as little as 2 minutes before a fire becomes deadly Nearly 4000 people are killed each year in fires and nearly 20000 injured. That’s nearly one every three hours killed and one injury every hour. Most household fires start in the kitchen. Smoke is the most common…