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Can I Afford A Dry Sprinkler System?


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can offer much of the protection a dry sprinkler system can.  
It’s a question asked by many a homeowner: what would I do what would happen if a fire breaks out in my home and I’m not there. Few people can afford sprinkler systems like those in commercial buildings, but there is a way to get some of that protection without investing in an extremely expensive sprinkler system. is the answer to this problem in Adrian homes, because it’s a simple technology that works wonders. is a round ball that weighs about 3 pounds, and it can be mounted on the wall, hung from the ceiling or installed in a light fixture recess. When heat hits it, it self-activates and disperses fire suppressant chemicals across an area of about 100 square feet or more .

The technology that disperses the chemicals is similar to that used in automobile airbags, and the chemicals themselves are family safe and environmentally safe. is tested for class A fires, which includes fire, wood and fabric; Class B fires which includes flammable liquids like oils, paint, turpentine and mineral spirits; and Class C Fires which are electrical fires like the kind that break out near your fuse box. is not recommended for grease fires in the kitchen, nor is it recommended to be used around electronic components. However, strategically places in high risk places can offer excellent coverage against the unexpected and tragic.


Grant V. is the developer of . He is also a firefighter who knew there had to be some way of knocking a few crucial minutes off a fire’s building phase, long enough to buy some time for the fire department to arrive. is his answer to that problem. Homes today have more synthetic materials than they used to, most because the amount of petroleum products in them has risen. That means fires not only burn more quickly, they burn at a higher temperature. Even a few minutes during the period when a fire is in its incipient state, if you can reduce the fire at least a little, it can be to great advantage.

The City and Fire Department of Adrian, Michigan

The Adrian Fire Department consists of 18 fulltime members and 10 on call firefighters. The department’s mission is to use utmost professionalism when providing fire suppression and rescue services to the residents of Adrian. Additional tasks performed by department personnel include fire inspection, rescue and investigation of fires. The department fields about 2500 emergency calls of which about 80% are medical emergencies. The Adrian Fire Department works in partnership with Lenawee County to provide mutual services in times of need, an effort organized and managed by the Lenawee County Aid Agreement Adrian Fire Department/

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