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Can I Afford A Fire Sprinkler System For My Home In Allen Park?

  is an inexpensive way of giving yourself rudimentary fire sprinkler system without the cost.   Many people worry about fires that break out at their home when they’re not there, and when it does happen, most of the time you just have to wait until a neighbor sees smoke coming out of your house before they call the fire department. Of course, by then it’s often too late and your house becomes a lost cause. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a sprinkler system installed to combat the fire when you’re not there? Well, most people simply can’t afford that but there is an alternate solution. is the alternative to fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems that self-activates when it comes into contact with heat and disperses its flame retardant chemicals across an area of more than 100 square feet. All you have to do is mounted on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling and let it do its job.
is meant for class A Class B and Class C Fires which would include fire, paper and other combustibles; Oil based products like paint, turpentine, mineral spirits and the like; and electrical fires of the variety that break out at the fuse box. These are the most common types of fires that could break out if you’re not home. is not recommended for kitchen grease fires or metallurgical fires, although these types of fires are not common when the premises are unoccupied. It is also not recommended to be used around electronic components as it can damage them, but if the safety of your house is more important than your electronic components, is still a viable solution.

The importance of early action when a fire breaks out cannot be overestimated. During the first three or four minutes a fire can be extinguished fairly easily, but there must be a means in place to do it. Fire extinguishers work if somebody is present, but even those can be difficult to use for those not trained or physically able to. By the time the fire burns 4 to 8 minutes its temperature is nearly 800 Degrees, at which point you’ll need a professional firefighter to do the job. After 10 minutes the temperature of the fire is well over a thousand degrees, at which point the fire consumes combustibles at an alarming rate.

The City and Fire Department of Allen Park, Michigan

The Allen Park Fire Department employs about 20 firefighters, serving nearly 30,000 residents over an area of about 7 square miles. The department opened its first firehouse in response to the need of lowering village fire insurance. The first was in a garage on Dix Road, originally, though a real one followed soon in 1944. Today Department firefighters are primarily responsible for not only firefighting but fire code enforcement and fire investigation. They are also actively involved in the community through sponsored sponsor fundraisers, volunteering their time and teaching fire safety in schools. The department fielded nearly 10 emergency calls a day in 2014.

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