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Alternatives To Fire Sprinkler Systems?

  I can’t afford a fire sprinkler system. Is there a way of getting this kind of protection without paying a lot of money? is just the thing you’re looking form   can offer the type of protection you need. is a ball a little smaller than a volleyball that you can mount on the wall, hang from the ceiling, or even insert in a light fixture recess. When encounters the right amount of heat, disperses its flame retardant chemicals across an area of about 100 square feet, which is enough stop a small fire in its tracks. cannot offer the 100% coverage at the full sprinkler system can, but strategically placed they can head your bets by a significant amount. Most people can’t afford a fire sprinkler system in their homes, yet they long for the type of protection those systems offer.
started out as the Fire Grenade in the early part of the 20th century. That may sound incredible but the idea stems from an idea by Thomas Edison, who needed a device that would stop fires in their tracks. One of his Laboratories was completely destroyed by a fire, and with it many years of work, but rather than sulk about it, he used the opportunity to create a way of fighting it so it would not happen again. The Fire Grenade was the answer, but it turned out to use chemicals that were harmful to the environment and to people, so it had to be discontinued. However, the idea lives on in the form of a FG, a superior a significant Improvement on the original idea.

Demonstration of Auto Fire Guard, the fire sprinkler alternative in Ann Arbor, Michigan
works on three types of fires, Class A, Class B and Class C. Class A fires are the most common and consist of wood, paper, fabric and other similar combustibles. Class B fires include flammable liquid fires like those commonly found in garages ie, those fire stemming from turpentine, mineral spirits, motor oil or the like. Class C Fires are all electrical fires that might break out at your fuse box. is ideal for these types of places, as these are the most common places where a fire will break out when no one’s home. is not not recommended for kitchen fires, at least those that are created by grease.

The City of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor is a city in the state of Michigan and it has a population of about 115,000. Ann Arbor is the home of the University of Michigan, one of the foremost public universities in the country, as well as being one of the largest employers in the state of 30000 workers 12000 of which work at the University’s Medical Center. As you can see, the city’s economy centers around education, medicine and high-tech, things which draw multiple companies from around the nation and the world. Ann Arbor is otherwise known as being the site of a large amount of political activism pertaining to the anti-Vietnam War movement. It is the sixth largest city in the state of Michigan.

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