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What is Auto Fire Guard?

  might be up your alley.   was created to fulfill a need for those who want fire sprinkler system protection, but without the cost. is like a fire extinguisher that activates itself. When a temperature of 180° reaches , it self-activates and distributes its fire suppressant compounds over an area of about 100 square feet. Most people place in strategic places where fire is most likely to break out. These places would include the fuse box area, the furnace area, the hot water heater, and in your garage where there is the danger of oil-based fires. You can hang a from the ceiling or you can mount it on the wall. If you have a larger area you can mount more around the perimeter of the room.
To use all you have to do is mount it on the wall and it can act as either a fire extinguisher or a fire sprinkler system. If there’s a fire in the home, and there are people present, all you have to do is throw or roll into the fire, turn around, and run. Nothing to shake, no pins to pull, no recharging. Just throw it and run. On the other hand, it operates like a fire sprinkler system as well by self-activating when itself when the heat reaches it. Additionally, when it does help activate, it sets off a loud boom of over 120 decibels, which can act a type of rudimentary fire alarm. It lets everybody know there’s a fire somewhere in the house.

was invented by a fireman who realized that much of the damage that results from house fires doesn’t have to happen. He realized that many fires can be snuffed out if it was suppressed at the earliest hint. To solve the problem he went back to an older technology called The Fire Grenade which was invented by Thomas Edison. Edison had seen one of his Laboratories go up in flames, and along with it 8 years of work. Grant, developer of , built on the idea by using chemicals that were not harmful to the environment or humans (unlike the Fire Grenade) and by creating an efficient dispersal system that is based on the same technology used in automobile airbags.

The Community of Anoka County, Michigan

Anoka County Is it county in the state of Minnesota, and the fourth most populous in the state. The largest city in the county is the City of Blaine which is also the 13th largest city in Minnesota. Anoka County comprises the northern portion for the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Bloomington MSA and has a population of about 300,000. It has one hundred thousand households and 80,000 families, with about 40% of the households having children under 18 living in them and 60% being married couples. The median income for household and the county was almost 60,000 whereas the median income for a family was about 65,000. The county seat is the City of Anoka.

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