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 and Fire Extinguishers in Appleton, Wisconsin

 is one of the newest technologies in fire protection. They have historically been known as fire grenades, but AFG’s inventor, Grant, has made some changes to make them safe and easy to use. Call now for more information about  by calling 855-409-0000. Just throw it at the fire and run! After calling 911, AFG should be your next move. So give us a call to learn about the latest in fire control technology.
is most useful for three kinds of fires: Class A, B, and C. Class A fires are the normal combustibles like wood, paper, fabric, etc. Class B deals with flammable liquids and like gasoline, turpentine, propane etc. Class C includes electrical fires. AFG is specially designed to battle all three where you would need three different fire extinguishers to fulfill every need. AFG only weighs a few pounds, so just about anyone can use it. And you don’t need training to use it! One of the drawbacks to fire extinguishers is that they can be complicated to use in an emergency, where people become panicked.

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The City and Fire Department of Appleton, Wisconsin

Situated along the Fox River, Appleton is a medium sized city of about 70,000. Fox River is in fact the heart of Appleton, making Appleton the heart of the Fox River Valley as well. Among the area attractions are the Hearthstone House, which was built in 1881 and was the first house in the world to be powered hydroelectricity, then there’s the History Museum at the Castle which features the history of the Fox River Valley. The city is serviced by the Valley Transit system, a network of bus lines that reaches throughout the Fox River Valley. It’s not for nothing that Appleton is known as one of American’s best small towns. Of course there are the winters, but if you don’t like those you probably shouldn’t be living in Appleton anyway. The Appleton Fire Department’s Operation/Suppression Division is the largest sub-organization in the Fire Department. The Division is in charge of a host of functions, including fire suppression, disaster attendance, and various rescue activities among other things. As you might expect, emergencies occupy most of the departments time and energy, but when there are no emergencies, firefighters offer inspections for both commercial and residential buildings, and engage in further training.