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Cheap Fire Sprinkler System Substitutes?

  I’m worried that a fire will break out at my house when I’m not home. Is there an inexpensive way of addressing this problem?   You’re vulnerable if your house catches on fire and no one’s home, but fire sprinkler systems are prohibitively expensive. is one way of addressing this problem. is a heat activated fire suppression device that disperses its chemicals across an area of about 100 square feet using a technology that’s similar to that used in automobile airbags. The chemicals used in are perfectly safe for family, pets and environment. All you have to do is mount on the wall.
The idea behind isn’t really new. Thomas Alva Edison invented a device called the Fire Grenade to help him put out fires that broke out in his laboratory. It looked like a big light bulb with powder and a cork holding the powder in. All you did was throw the Fire Grenade at the fire, let the flame retardant dispersed, and let it do its job. The Fire Grenade turned out to not be safe, as the chemicals that used were dangerous to the heart lungs and liver of people and humans or pets, but the fire going to has come a long way in the form of .

is easy to handle and easy to install. It only weighs 3 pounds and can even be used by people at home by throwing it or rolling it into a fire. is not a substitute for water-based or other types of industrial fire suppression systems, but in some ways they are superior. For instance, when I activated only disperses the chemicals over a limited space, whereas with water-based sprinkler systems you can incur significant amount of water damage. This is especially true for fires that occur on upper floors. A sprinkler system set off under those circumstances he damaged many floors.

The City and Fire Department of Auburn Hills, Michigan

Auburn Hills is a city in the state of Michigan and it has a population of about 22,000. Auburn Hills was formerly known as Pontiac Township, and it is today the world headquarters of Chrysler and Oakland University. Auburn Hills runs roughly beside Interstate 75 which hosts a prosperous business community. A Research Park was developed here in the early 1980s in partnership with Oakland University called Oakland Technological Park. Corporate presences at the park include Comerica, EDS and Chrysler; the entire complex hosts about 80,000 employees on the typical work day. Other corporate influences in Auburn Hills include Volkswagen/Audi North American headquarters, Guardian Industries, GKN Driveline, and the North American headquarters of Fauricia the automobile parts manufacturer.

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