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Why Do I need Auto Fire Guard?

  offers fire sprinkler protection coverage on a fraction of the cost.   If you own a home, you can’t be there all the time, and that means that a fire breaks out when you’re not there you have to wait until neighbors see the smoke call the fire department. On the other hand sprinkler systems or out of the reach of most people, at least at home. All the Fire Guard is the fire suppression device that self-activates when it comes into contact with heat. You can mount it on the wall, you can hang from the ceiling, you can even put it in a light fixture recess. After you install it there’s nothing else to do. no recharging no inspections no shaking, no instructions. has a 5 year warranty, and when she announces you don’t have to worry about anything else.
attacks three kinds of fires: Class A, Class B and Class C. These three types constitute the three most common types of fires you find in households, and include paper, wood, fabric; flammable oils that are related to pain cycle oil paints, turpentine, mineral spirits the spirits; and electrical fires of the kind that break out at the fuse box in a home. she is very light, about by 3 lbs. and is slightly smaller than a volleyball. When mounted on the wall and provides protection that would normally only be available with a fire sprinkler system. Although Fire Guard has the added benefit of being safe for the environment and not causing ancillary damage like water fire sprinklers do, as when they soak through floors of a multi-story building. If a is activated, clean up is a matter of sweeping up the flame retardant powder. is not recommended for using your electronic components as it will damage them, but if you can absorb the risk of losing your electronic components, will still be a viable alternative

was invented by a fireman who realized that many of the fires he arrived to put out could have been stopped or at least contained. He also realized that homes today are made with more synthetic materials most of which are petroleum-based, and that means that when fire starts it spreads rapidly and it burns more hotly. The original idea for comes from Thomas Alva Edison, who invented what he called the Fire Grenade: essentially a light bulb with flame retardant chemicals and held in with a cork. The Fire Grenade work, but it’s chemicals were deemed dangerous and it was banned from production. The idea however lives on in the form of , a family and environmentally friendly device that is easy to use and that everyone can use.

The City and Community of Bay City, Michigan

Bay City is a city in the state of Michigan and it has a population of about 35,000. The Saginaw River runs through Bay City, and each side can be accessed through for modern bascule bridges which span the river. Major employers in Bay City include the Bay Regional Medical Center with about 1,700 employees; Bay City public schools with about 900 employees; Bay County government with about 500 employees; and SC Johnson & Son with about 400 employees. Bay City is known for its multiple festivals and celebrations during the summer including River Roar, St. Stan’s Polish Festival, the Bay City fireworks festival, and the river of time living history reenactment.

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