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What is Auto Fire Guard?

  was made for people just like you.   Automatic fire sprinkler systems are simply out of reach most of the public come at least economically, nor does there seem to be a’ medium-priced’ substitute. Fortunately can provide coverage similar to the fire sprinkler system, but without anywhere near the cost. What would it be like to have peace of mind that you’re getting fire protection your home when you’re not there? Since is self-activating, all you have to do is mount it on the wall, hang it from the ceiling or put it in the recess of a light fixture if you prefer. is versatile, and it comes in a number different styles for various aesthetic taste. At the price of a few dollars, you can’t afford to not give it a try.
is a unique combination of two technologies. One is monoammonium phosphate, which is the main non-toxic chemical that is dispersed when the device is self-activated . The other technology is related to how it’s activated. When heat reaches , it activates with a technology similar to that used in automobile airbags. does not remove the fuel, heat or oxygen, it just chokes out the fire. Chemicals that do the former can be harmful to the environment and to your family, but doesn’t use them. is the only fire suppression device that and sold in the US which has pass the necessary safety test by each of the Consumer Protection Bureau.

was invented by a fireman who got tired of seeing a lot of fires damage or burn down houses when it didn’t have to happen. He realized that one of the important things that we needed was something that would put out a fire if people weren’t there. Of course, sprinkler systems are so expensive not everyone can be expected have one, but he did use an idea that was known as the Fire Grenade. It was invented by Thomas Alva Edison to put out fires in his own laboratories, one of which was destroyed by fire. All you had to do is throw out the fire and it’s chemicals did the work. The Fire Grenade lacked two important things: it did not self-activate, and It did not efficiently disperse its fire suppressing agents. They do both of those things much better, and on top of that is not harmful for the environment which was not the case with the Fire Grenade.

The Community of Brownstown Charter Township, Michigan

Brownstown Charter Township is a Charter Township in the state of Michigan and it has a population of about 31,000. Brownstown is part of the collection of community is known as down river. The economy of Brownstown is home to Chevrolet Volt Battery Pack Assembly Plant which is a GM Warehouse converted to a factory. The origin of the township’s name is not known. According to one story, the town was named after one Adam Brown, a boy kidnapped by Wynadot Indians when at the age of 8. Allegedly Brown grew up to be an adult in the Native American culture and would eventually sign several treaties with the American government. Like much of the surrounding area, Brownstown was originally part of Quebec with Brownstown being one of the few communities that are actually older than the state.

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