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is the most recent innovation in fire protection and fire suppression. AFG got its start when Thomas Edison witnessed his laboratory be destroyed by a fire. He decided that the fire had not been necessary and resolved to create a fire suppression device that was easy to use and effective at the same time. The fruits of his efforts produced what he called the “fire grenade.” The fire grenade looked similar to a clear light bulb, but with flame retardant chemicals. Today that technology is manifest in AutoFireGuard. The biggest drawback to the fire grenade was its harsh chemicals, which ended up with fire grenades being banned. But you can’t keep a good idea down, and today the inventor of AFG has made significant improvements on an already good idea.
no longer resembles a light bulb, but is rather a spherical shape and has a shell that makes it easy to use and easy to store. is surprisingly easy to use. Think of it as a fire extinguisher in the form of a ball, but one that requires virtually no instructions, skills or effort even. If you can lift a ball that’s a little smaller than a volley ball and weights about three lbs, you can use AutoFireGuard. Just throw it at the fire. That’s all there is to it. When it lands, the AFT dispersion technology discharges the the fire retardant substances, which gets them to working right away. The flame retardants have the further advantage of being safe for humans.

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Some as the question as to where should be stored. You can keep it in a cabinet near the potential fire sources, you can mount it on the wall with the brackets that come with it, you can even hang it from the ceiling! As a rule, you will want to put it anywhere you would keep a fire extinguisher. The great thing about AFG is that you don’t need to be near the fire to use it. If you use a fire extinguisher, you need to know how to use it, and most simply don’t want to do that when a fire breaks out. Additionally, fire extinguishers need to be charged every year or two, and many don’t remember to do that.

The Village and Fire Department of Caledonia, Wisconsin

The Village of Caledonia currently has two programs in fire safety: “Candle with Care” and Watch what you heat. Candle with Care deals with the problem of fires created by candles, of which there are almost 20000 a year in the United States. A large percentage of these are created by candles that have been left unattended. The program teaches the proper handling of candles. The other program is Watch What You Heat, which deals with kitchen fires. Did you know that there are 100,000 fires a year related to cooking and equipment. That amounts to three out of ten home fires. Again the culprit is unattended heat sources.