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What is Auto Fire Guard?

  offers some of the protection and fire sprinkler system can.   Fire sprinkler systems don’t have a substitute, but there are ways of getting similar protection without investing all that money. is the self-activating fire suppression device that you can mount on the wall or hang from the ceiling. If a fire breaks out in your home, the heat will trigger the device, at which point it disperses is fire retardant chemicals in an area over 100 square feet. This is ideal for small places like where there’s a water heater, furnace or fuse box. can fight three classes of fires, Class A Class B and Class C. This includes fire, paper, wood, oil-based fires like those coming from paint and turpentine, and electrical fires like the kind that might start at the electrical fuse box in your home. is not recommended for kitchen grease fires in general, nor is it recommended where there are electronic components unless you’re willing to except the damage those components to get the fire coverage.
has a number of benefits. One is that it puts the fire out automatically. This means that there’s no aiming, no pins to pull and you don’t have to have particularly good aim. All you do is throw or roll at the fire and let it self-activate. When the fire is still small, it can buy you a few minutes of time, and those few minutes can be crucial when it comes to a spreading fire. Fires can get out of control within a few minutes because of the large amount of synthetic material, mostly petroleum-based, that is used in building materials today. Many times, fireman don’t even have time to fight the fire on your home and, will spend time trying to contain the fire and keep it and get it from spreading to other houses or to the woods.

was invented by a fireman who used his on-the-job knowledge combined with a little inventor skill to come up with a device that would nip small fires in the bud. Interestingly, the idea for goes back to the time of Thomas Alva Edison, who invented what he called the Fire Grenade, a device that you can throw out a fire and let its fire suppression chemicals put the fire out. He invented it because one of his laboratories had burned down, and he vowed it would not happen again. The fire Grenade looked like a big light bulb, and it worked well except it’s flame-retardant chemicals were discovered to be harmful to humans and the environment. Nor did it self-activate or have an effective dispersal mechanism. All of these things are marked improvements on the original idea.

The Community of Canton Charter Township, Michigan

Canton is a Charter Township in the state of Michigan it has a population of about 90,000. It is located about 8 miles west of Detroit and 8 miles east of Ann Arbor. In 2015 it was ranked the 29th safest city in America. Canton, being ideally located between two metropolitan areas is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. The biggest employers in Canton Township are Plymouth-Canton Community Schools with about 2,500 employees, Yazaki North America the global automotive parts supplier with about, 1,000, Walmart with about 650 employees, and AD Transport Express with about 550. Canton Township is served by the Plymouth-Canton Community School System, Wayne-Westland Community Schools and Van Buren Public Schools.

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