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What is Auto Fire Guard?

is a way of getting some of the protection you can get from a fire sprinkler system.
f you need fire protection when you’re not at home, you can’t afford a complete fire sprinkler system, is the perfect substitute because it’s easy to install and it costs a tiny fraction of what a system cost. Essentially, is a ball about the size of a volleyball, and it contains two main components: the fire suppressant chemicals similar to those used in fire extinguishers, and a dispersal technology similar to that used in automobile airbags. When the temperature around reaches about 180 degrees, the device is triggered and the firefighting chemicals are dispersed across an area of about 100 square feet. Placed strategically, can offer at least 90% protection against fires that occur most commonly when people aren’t home.
was invented by a fireman who was looking for a way to allow homeowners to put out incipient fires before they create too much damage. The first four to five minutes is the most important part when it comes to limiting fire damage. At this phase the fire is easy to put up with it with a fire extinguisher or with a fire blanket. However, fires don’t just spread, they spread at an increasingly rapid right come so the next 5 to 10 minutes is even more crucial than the first five, because the fire will become much more hotter, and will begin consuming more and more combustible material. This means the longer you wait before taking any measure, the worst of problems going to become. is there to put out the fire, or at least mitigate it in that first five minutes.

not only puts out the fires automatically, when it’s activated it lets out a loud boom of about 120 decibels, which serves as the type of fire alarm for anyone in the area. Houses today contain much more in the way of petroleum-based synthetic materials than they did a generation ago, that means fires burn hotter and quicker than before. It’s not uncommon for a fire to reach 2000 degrees within 20 minutes of breaking out. That’s why it’s important that the fire be mitigated or put out in the incipient stages. works on three types of fires, Class A, Class B and Class C. This includes the most common combustibles like wood, oil based inflammable oil-based liquids like turpentine and mineral spirits, as well as fuse box fires.

The Community of Chisago County, Minnesota

Chisago County is a county in the state of Minnesota and it has a population of about 53,000. As of 2010, Chicago County had nearly 20,000 households and 15000 families residing in the county. It has a population density of about 120, and has about 48 housing units per square mile. 37% of households had children under the age of 18, 61% were married couples living together, about 8% had a female householder with no husband present, and 26% of households were non-family households. About 6% of the residents of Chisago County live under the poverty line. The county seat is Center City, and it is named after Lake Chisago. Chisago County is included in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Bloomington Minnesota Wisconsin Metropolitan statistical area.

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