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How Can Auto Fire Guard Help Me?

  is the perfect substitute for those who cannot afford their own fire sprinkler systems.   A complete fire sprinkler system your home will cost a fortune, and it’s quite simply out of the reach of most homeowners. however is an excellent substitute for fire sprinkler system. It’s not a replacement for fire sprinkler system, but it will provide some of the protection. is a like a self-activating fire extinguisher that works whenever it the heat near it reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This is true whether you’re home or whether you’re not home. When it is activated, its fire suppressant chemicals are disbursed across an area of about 100 square feet, using a technology that is similar to that used in automobile airbags. is safe for the environment as well as your family. It is good for five years, which means no recharging and no inspections. For larger areas to be useful to put amount on each wall.
Curiously, the idea for is quite old. It was originally called the Fire Grenade, and it was invented by Thomas Alva Edison who witnessed his own laboratory and years of work literally go up in flames along with it. Edison joked that at least his failures also went up in the Flames, but nevertheless he resolved that something like this would not happen to him again. The fruit of his creativity was the Fire Grenade, which was essentially a big light bulb with fire suppression chemicals and a cork to keep them in. You threw the fire grenade at the fire, and let the chemicals do their job. The Fire Grenade was lacking in several ways. First of all the chemicals were not safe and in fact the device had to be discontinued. Additionally it did not have a proper dispersal system. You just threw it at the fire and hope that the chemicals would spread themselves off.

The Fire Grenade lives on in the form of . was developed by a fireman who, like Edison, was tired of seeing fires destroy property but could have been nipped in the bud have there been a way of doing so when the fire was incipient. If someone is home, and there is a fire extinguisher, that would solve the problem assuming that there is someone around who is level-headed enough to use a fire extinguisher and is physically capable of doing so. Not everyone is and in any event, the fire extinguisher is useless if no one is home. Grant, the developer of , came up with a few ideas using existing technologies, namely fire extinguisher compounds in combination with airbag technology. The result of Grants work is the .

The Community of Clinton Township, Michigan

Clinton Township is a charter township in the State of Michigan. It has a population of about 100,000 making it Michigan’s most populous Township and it is the 10th largest municipality. Demographically, Clinton township is known for its mix of middle-class and upscale communities, as well as its racial diversity. There are 42,000 households and 25000 families residing in the township, with about 20% of the population being under 18. It has a median income for households of approximately $50000 while the median income for a family is about $60000. The County newspaper, the Macomb Daily, is headquartered here. It is also the home of rap star Eminem.

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