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What are the Applications of Auto Fire Guard?

afg makes a great cheap fire sprinkler system or fire extinguisher substitute for homes in Commerce Township. If you need fire protection when you’re not at your Commerce Township home, and you can’t afford a complete fire sprinkler system, is the perfect substitute because it’s easy to install and it costs a tiny fraction of what a system cost. Essentially, afg is a ball about the size of a volleyball, and it contains two main components: the fire suppressant chemicals similar to those used in fire extinguishers, and a dispersal technology similar to that used in automobile airbags. When the temperature around reaches about 180 degrees, the device is triggered and the firefighting chemicals are dispersed across an area of about 100 square feet. Placed strategically, can offer at least 90% protection against fires that occur most commonly when people aren’t home. It also works as a good substitute for fire extinguishers, for those who cannot lift or operate one.
is a self-activating fire extinguisher that, when it reaches it a temperature of 180 degrees, it disperses it’s fire suppressant chemicals in an area put about 100 square feet. You can hang from the wall with the wall mounts included, hang it from the ceiling, or even put it in a light fixture recess. It doesn’t provide the full coverage fire sprinkler system does, but I can bring you peace of mind if you have concerns about fire breaking out in your Commerce Township home when no one is there. if you choose to use it as a fire extinguisher, you’ll be delighted to know that it only weighs about 3 pounds, is slightly smaller than a volleyball, and can be used by almost anyone, including the elderly and children. With fire extinguishers there are instructions to read, pins to pull, and some of them have to be shaken also. With you don’t have to be close to the fire. is effective for 5 years, doesn’t need to be inspected, so when you mount it you can forget about is and not worry about having fire protection. The fire suppression chemicals in are easy to clean up, usually with just a broom. With traditional sprinkler system, you may find that everything is ruined.

is a development on an old technology, the fire grenade. The fire grenade was invented by Thomas Edison, who witnessed the destruction of years of work when his laboratory burned down and he had no way of stopping it. The fire grenade was his answer, and at the time it looked like a large light bulb with chemicals inside and sealed with cork and wax to keep the compounds from degrading. The chemicals were later discovered to be highly toxic, and the fire grenade was put to pasture. Nevertheless, the fire grenade lives on in . The product was developed by a firefighter.

The Community of Commerce Township, Michigan

Commerce Township is a Charter Township in Oakland County in the state of Michigan and it has a population of about 40,000. Charter Township is a suburb of Detroit. The county has a varied topography. It’s train consist largely of Rolling Hills with large expanses of flat farmland and a copious amount of suburban development. Commerce Township got its start as weekend escape during the summer for citizens of Detroit who were drawn to the area’s beautiful small inland lakes with their peaceful seclusion. Over the years many of these Detroiters have settled there permanently which has led to a dramatic increase in the population over the past several decades. In addition to the aquatica attractions, golf has become considerably popular, as is much of Proud Lake State Recreation Park which is within a Township. Commerce Township became well known in the 1990s when a Boy Scout famously created a makeshift nuclear reactor in his garage column potentially exposing tens of thousands of people in the township to Radioactive materials.

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