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Is There Anything Out There That Will Bolster My Fire Extinguishers In An Emergency?

  Most people aren’t level headed enough to use a fire extinguisher in an emergency. Consider the alternative backup, .   Everyone thinks they know what they will do when a fire emergency breaks out, but the reality is often different. When there is a real fire, most people’s preservation instinct kicks in and they either leave the building, or they help others leave the building. When they get outside they call the fire department, and only after they’re safe. With a fire extinguisher you have to confront the fire, which means getting close enough to use the fire extinguisher, and read the instructions or all already know how to use it. You might also have to check the it to make sure it’s charged, and you have to be level-headed enough to point it correctly, all of these things slow down a process that needs to be fast.
You don’t have to be very level-headed to use Auto fireguard. Just throw it in the fire turn around and run. It doesn’t get much more simple than that. Whether you’re 6 years old or 76 years old, anyone can use if they can throw a 3 pound lb. ball a few feet. You can even roll it into the fire. The idea for occurred to the inventor after an older technology known as the Fire Grenade. The Fire Grenade had been invented by Thomas Edison, and he created it in the wake of the complete destruction of one of his laboratories. The Fire Grenade turned out to be harmful to humans, but the idea will still good, and so the developer of , Grant, knew that all you had to do was look for the right chemicals and you have a brand new product that worked away was supposed to originally.

uses a mix of harmless chemicals that will react quickly to the heat source and put it out. The key ingredient is monoammonium phosphate, although there are a few others. When comes into contact with heat or flame, it’s self-activation technology disperses compounds across an area of 100 to 200 square feet. This technology is similar to the one used in automobile airbags, and those are pretty effective. Additionally, lets out a loud boom when it’s self-activates, and this serves as a sort of alarm to those nearby. can even be hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall and it will self-activate any time there’s a fire present, even if you’re not home

The City and Fire Department of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

The Wausau Fire Department consists of about 100 dedicated firefighting personnel operating out of three firehouses that serves area of about 13 square miles. If there is one quality that a firefighter needs to do his job properly it’s determination. It’s the type of determination that comes only from dedication, integrity and the ability to work effectively in a team. The Wausau Fire Department is dedicated to delivering high quality fire suppression emergency services for all who live or work in the city. As each year progresses, it presents challenges, and the department is dedicated to meeting those challenges.

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