Important Places to Keep a Fire Extinguisher Part I

Everyone knows that fire extinguishers should be stored on every floor in the home and workplace, but owning and keeping it charged and inspected is one thing, but knowing the best place to put them is something else. Have you ever thought specifically about which rooms are the best to keep them?

The kitchen is the site of 65 percent of all household fires. Kitchen fires involve grease, and grease fires burn extremely hot and can’t be put out with water since water and grease don ‘t mix. Do not keep the extinguisher near the stove, as it might become too hot to handle if fire breaks out! The best place for a fire extinguisher in the kitchen should be about 15 feet from a stove- meaning it can be kept in the next room over for small kitchens.

The laundry room is the next most important place for a fire extinguisher, specifically the dryer machine. Dryer lint highly flammable, and that’s why you need to clean the lint trap. If the lint build up too much, it can land on the coils and be set aflame. However, even if you do clean the lint trap, it happens that fire still occurs. It’s rare but it does happen, with the dryer exhaust tube being the usually place. The Laundry room is an ideal place for Auto Fire Guard

[Note that AFG is not appropriate for kitchen and grease fires.]