Interesting facts about fires, Part I

  1. The Fire Triangle. In order to have a fire, you need three things: oxygen, intense heat and a combustible. If any one of these components is absent, you can’t have a fire. Fire suppression systems must attack at least one of these. Water methods reduce the heat, chemical methods and blankets reduce oxygen, etc.
  2. Most human danger in fires comes from smoke inhalation. A fire sprinkler system does exactly this. A fire consumes all in a room and replaces it with poisonous smoke and carbon monoxide even before the flames even get into that room.
  3. Kitchen fires are the most common. Cooking is the leading cause of injuries from house fires, as strange as that sounds. Fires can be started in any number of ways, but grease is usually the culprit.  Electric stoves create more fires than gas stoves do, even though the former has no open flames.
  4. In the United States alone, nearly 4000 people die from fires and another 20,000 are injured every year. The tragedy is that most of these fires were preventable or at least mitigatable.  It’s sobering to think that 2/3 of all deaths by fires occur because there were no working fire alarms present.


Auto Fire Guard can be a great asset in protecting your family and property in case of a fire. Just mount it near where it’s likely the fires will start and let it do its job.