Stacey Alexander

I had a house burn down and wished I had an Auto Fire Guard. When you have seconds to stop a fire from getting out of control, this is the only tool to use. Everyone should have one of these in their car and one in their home. This changes everything! Thank you for this incredible innovation.


Kevin Yancy

A fire extinguisher that deploys automatically. The video sold me, I bought two for my home, and one each for my two daughter’s homes.


Nollan Charles

I just picked up my first AFG Fireball. Thankfully I haven’t had to use this product yet, but I trust it with protecting my family while I am on shift. The convenience of the product is awesome, and it’s value is priceless. 10/10 recommend.


AJ Tolle

Best product I have ever seen. Works amazing. I would recommend this to every Home owner.