Crow Wing County, Minnesota Alternatives to Fire Sprinkler systems and Fire Extinguisher Supplements

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What is Auto Fire Guard?

is a multi-purpose fire suppression device, a little smaller than a volleyball and weighing about 3 lbs. can be used in a number of ways including throwing or rolling the ball at fire, or you can mount it on the wall. The latter is ideal if you’re looking for a way to get a measure of the type of protection that a full fire sprinkler system provides, at a fraction of the cost. For most people the cost of a fire sprinkler system is out of their reach, but is a respectable alternative in that when it comes into contact with fire or flame, because disperses it’s flame retardant chemicals across an area of about 905 cubic feet (or filling a 10’x10′ room). You can mount it on the wall; you can hang it from the ceiling, or you can put it inside a 6″ light fixture recess can and let it do its job.
AFG is far lighter than a fire extinguisher, if you choose to use it as one. Its lightness and size are ideal for those who have members of the family who cannot lift or operate a heavy traditional fire extinguisher, like the elderly or children. When activates, it lets off a loud bang that warns others in the area that there is a fire, and that they should leave the building. Traditional fire extinguishers are usually too bulky and sometimes too heavy, so many people can’t actually use them. Additionally, most people are not trained or otherwise prepared to use a fire extinguisher in an emergency condition. What good is a fire extinguisher if only a select subset of those affected by a fire can use it? And, it is common for traditional fire extinguishers to clog or otherwise fail. Why go attack a fire with a device likely to fail? Try using a new method first. The Auto Fire Guard Fire Extinguisher Ball is “First in, All out.” Put it in first, let it go all out to completely knock out the fire, and help save everyone inside.

was invented by a fireman who got tired running into fully involved fires only to see fire extinguishers in metal cans hanging on the walls unused. Many fires burned down houses and then it is discovered that there was a fire extinguisher near the source, which was engulfed in the fire and did nothing to stop it. This type of disaster didn’t have to happen. He began looking at alternatives, and after some research, he realized that many options were just too expensive. Fire sprinkler systems are so expensive, hardly anyone can buy one. But there were historical solutions. One was called the “Fire Grenade”. It was invented by Thomas Alva Edison to put out fires in his own laboratories, one of which was destroyed by fire. All you had to do is “throw out the fire” and it’s chemicals did the work. The Fire Grenade lacked three important things: it did not self-activate, it did not efficiently disperse its fire suppressing agents and it was not safe near humans. This is where AFG improved the technology. The AFG Fire Extinguisher Ball does automatically activates when exposed to fire, it completely and efficiently disperses the dry chemical powder, and the chemicals used are 100% safe for humans and the environment.

The Community of Crow Wing County, Minnesota

Crow Wing County the county in the state of Minnesota and it has a population of about 62000. The county’s county seat is Brainerd. Crow Wing County is included in the Brainerd Minnesota micropolitan statistical area. It is named after the Crow Wing river, which is named for an island in the river which is shaped like a, you guessed it, a Crow wing. It started out as a town and trading post along the Mississippi River opposite the mouth of the Crow Wing River. Here furs as were traded among many other supplies. Over time however, Brainerd superseded Crow Wing, which left it deserted. It is preserved today as Crow Wing State Park. Crow Wing County Is the home of 2 state forests, Crow Wing State Forest and Emily State Forest. The Topography of the area and what you might call rolling to flat, and it is home to an abundant amount of Wildlife. You may even occasionally see a bold eagle or American black bear in the area.
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