Water fire extinguishers

Have you ever thought about how a fire extinguisher works? The three most common types of fire extinguishers include water, dry chemical, and carbon dioxide, and today we will discuss the water variety.

As you might have expected, most of the tank in a water fire extinguisher is filled with water. Additionally, there a canister that contains high-pressure gas that propels the water out of the tank and through the nozzle.

When you engage the fire extinguisher it sets off a chain of events

  1. When pressure is applied to the handle, a valve opens and releases pressurized gas from the canister which is situated at the top of the tank
  2. The gas immediately expands and fills the inside of the extinguisher, pushing the water downward
  3. As the water is forced down, it rises up the tube
  4. A jet of water emerges from the nozzle

Water based fire extinguishers are not appropriate for all types of fires. For example, You should NEVER try to extinguish an electrical fire with a water fire extinguisher because, well, electricity. While water is not itself a conductor, the trace minerals in it are, and you risk electrocution by throwing water on an electrical fire.  If a fire breaks out and you don’t have the right fire extinguisher, get yourself to a safe place and call 911.

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